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This book gives you the insights why people are separating and the huge influence that money has on your relationship. You will find tips, techniques and tools that are needed for creating and maintaining lasting love.

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The secret to avoid separation, without needing to air dirty laundry! What does it costing you when you live in a struggling relationship?

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About Jürgen Schmechel

I am a keen observer of human psychology, and a master in NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and am a certified Results Coach. I love numbers and and am known for my strong logical, analytical and numerical abilities. For years I have used these skills to serve exceptional good workflow models in business, but now, have discovered how my skills can be used to create the foundations of long, loving relationships.

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You can only change yourself

A successful, happy and lasting relationship consists of two individuals who are themselves successful, happy and contented. Of course everyone has their own definition of success and there is no point in comparing your life with anybody else. It is important though that you are content with yourself and with your own definition of success. This gives you the perfect starting point for a great relationship. Working on yourself is the best way to work on your marriage. Whenever I speak to partners in a long-time relationship, I see two people who respect each other, who listen to each other and who stand up for each other.

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This book is for every person who wants to work on their relationship and learn more about how to maintain a loving, intimate and respectful relationship. This book is also for people experiencing a rough patch and want to see a way out and get back on track, without needing to ‘air dirty laundry’. And finally, this book is for single people who would like to know what caused their last relationship to fail.

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Respect is more important than love

When I speak about Respect in my seminars or workshops, I ask the audience for a good visual representation of the word respect. Every time they struggle to come up with one. Think for a moment and try it yourself. It is difficult, isn’t it? We have emoticons and emojis on our phone to express excitement, joy, sadness, love and a host of other emotions, but nothing that represents respect. Yet we all have an idea of what respect is. In our day-to-day lives, we show respect.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and wished my husband was able to attend too. Some very simple yet often overlooked ideas and heeps of prompts and tips to improve and enhance a relationship. It was direct, honest and enlightening – left feeling uplifted, inspired and determined to do better!”

Susie C, Seaforth

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If you do not consciously take care of things they decline in value!! You maintain your house, your car, your computer, your health, and your teeth because if you don’t, they lose their value. If you do not look after your relationship it declines in value.

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