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Effortless Connection

The secret to avoid separation, without needing to air dirty laundry! What does it costing you when you live in a struggling relationship?

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About Jürgen Schmechel

I am a keen observer of human psychology, and a master in NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and am acertified Results Coach. I love numbers and and am known for mystrong logical, analytical and numerical abilities. For years I haveused these skills to serve exceptional good workflow models inbusiness, but now, have discovered how my skills can be used tocreate the foundations of long, loving relationships.

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The first argument – the first fight of the new year.

The new year is only a couple of days old and you already had your first heated argument or fight with your partner. You started this year with all your good intentions and maybe you even had some New Year’s resolution in place. Now you are frustrated, angry and very sad about the fact that it happened again.

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How to maintain a fulfilling sex-life

Are we having enough sex? Is our sex life fulfilling enough? Do we both feel secure, satisfied and understood? This is not surprising because we all see the connection between happiness and sex. But is this really true? Does more sex mean more happiness? The answer is plain and simple – it does not. Scientists in the US have conducted a survey and asked happy couples how often they have sex. The average answer was between two and three times a fortnight – or around 60 times per year. Remember these were the couples who considered themselves as being happy. Then they asked people who had sex more often and asked them whether they are in a happy relationship and found out that it is not necessarily always the case. In other words, more sex does not always equate to more happiness.

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If it is not broken, why fix it…

A relationship is between two people. If one of the two thinks their relationship is near the end and the other one does not even see the cracks, you have a big mismatch. The fact is that the attitude “why fix it, if it is not broken” might work for your plumbing issue, but definitely not for your relationship. If your water main burst, after showing some cracks, you have to call the plumber, get it fixed and deal with the mess.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and wished my husband was able to attend too. Some very simple yet often overlooked ideas and heeps of prompts and tips to improve and enhance a relationship. It was direct, honest and enlightening – left feeling uplifted, inspired and determined to do better!” Susie C, Seaforth

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If you do not consciously take care of things they decline in value!! You maintain your house, your car, your computer, your health, and your teeth because if you don’t, they lose their value. If you do not look after your relationship it declines in value.

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