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Please have a look at my different services here and see where you want to go from here. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to relationships.


I’m conducting regular webinars to various topics around relationships. These webinars a free, fun and completely anonymous… You can listen and learn from the privacy of your own home. There is always an option to ask your daring questions. Please check out the link to the time and topic of the next one.


My “Money is more important than sex” book is for every couple who truly wants to work on their relationship and learn more about how to maintain a loving, intimate and respectful relationship. This book is also for those couples hitting a rough patch in their lives wanting to see a way out and want to get back on track, without needing to air dirty laundry.

Happy Ever After - Mentoring

You learn why so many relationships are failing and what you personally could do about it. This eight week coaching package is intense and requires time and work and it is not without financial commitment either.
You start with a thorough assessment of your situation.

Lasting Love Coaching Program

In this intense coaching program we work on your relationship together.
To start this process I’d first like to understand where you are at and whether we can work together and how.  Please schedule a 25-minute phone call with you both by using this link to my calendar.
Thank you for your trust and commitment.

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