Here we go again…another season of MAFS started this week and Australians are likely to be glued once again to the television and the stories unfolding.

Each year it is raising lots of questions over how to create a loving relationship that lasts.

Whilst celebrity and Royal relationships forever making front page news and everyday Aussies divorcing at a rate of over 40% a year.

MAFS is not the answer – and we all know that.

Still it is so interesting to bask in the stories and vulnerabilities of others and forget our own relationships for a moment.

And as always MAFS is set up to be controversial – otherwise it would be boring to watch. You have the dominant female and the dominant male character and you have the enfant terrible that will stir things up as we go along.

How does this help you with your partner?

And maybe you don’t want help with your relationship. Maybe you just want to chill out and forget about normal life and enjoy watching others having their ups and downs.

Here’s my recommendation for you.

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