“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and wished my husband was able to attend too. Some very simple yet often overlooked ideas and heeps of prompts and tips to improve and enhance a relationship. It was direct, honest and enlightening – left feeling uplifted, inspired and determined to do better!” – Susie C, Seaforth

“What a great refresher course when I thought I knew everything about my/our relationship with each other.” – Mark T.

“Jürgen brought the complexity & confusion of a successful relationship into basic & understandable components that couples can relate to & discuss, understand & implement to improve marriage relationships.” – Stig H.

“Simple advice – thought provoking. Thank you” – Richard J.

“Jurgen has managed to condense the major hurdles in relationships with tools to overcome them in a very simple easy-to-follow way.” – Judy B.

“Jürgen delivers an intelligent witty & fun overarching take on relationships. It gives you the tools to critique your own and improve it with wisdom” – Stefan J.

“The workshop provided fresh ideas & insights mixed with common sense & sensible analysis to help revive a relationship. Taking into account both male and female sentiments/points of view. Would recommend to any married couple.” – Rob B.

“Jurgen, thank you I will take home what I have learnt and implement it. It’s really enjoyable and interesting.” – Tim

“Interesting and thought provoking” – Sasha

“Good workshop, interesting info about reality that we often oversee & forget in daily life.” – Fi

“Great workshop to attend – good clear information to apply. Gained clarity. Importance of $$ in relationships.” – Anna G.

Pete Cummings, CurlCurl

“Thank you for your insightful information – practical and useful. Thank you for your great ideas” – Justin C., CurlCurl

“If you are ready to really face the true state of your relationship perfect entree to start your journey.” – Bron C., Sydney

“Tonight was informative, fun. The workbook gave us a chance to reflect on ourselves. Will recommend to all friends as there needs to be awareness.” – Laura V., Dee Why

“I highly recommend the seminar to all people getting into relationships and/or perceiving difficult relationships.”- John W., Sydney

“Thank you very much Jürgen for giving me hope that I am heading in the right direction, hopefully it will help both of us. Danke schön! “ Christine J., Sydney

“I learnt a lot about my relationship from Jürgen, especially what can be done to improve our relationship.” – Max J., Sydney

“Thank you for your advice Jurgen Schmechel, it was so naturally healing while talking to you. I am so thankful for your coaching and guidance….” Rushi K. – India

“In my lowest time, Jürgen and his perspective helped me to get back up on my feet. I really appreciate your time and your insight. Thank you for listening.” Wenny C. – Sydney

“After this podcast discussion with you I contacted my husband and told him how much I loved him and cherished him.
You bring up so many strong points on the types of stress that men deal with in daily life.
You helped me appreciate my husband more at a deeper level.
Thank you. Love the work you are doing. It’s much needed.” Rhonda L. – USA

“Important to step outside your relationship, examine it and reconfirm future direction with easy actionable tools and techniques to make your relationship last.” Martin B. – Manly

“Jürgen is warm and friendly and approaches a fairly personal subject matter with humour and warmth. Thank you for opening your home and hospitality.” Jen B. – North Ryde

“Jürgen’s workshop is a great framework for examining the complexities of relationships and suite anyone wanting a deeper connection.” Stuart G. – North Rocks

“Jürgen’s straight forward, open, honest and practical approach de-mystifies the often misunderstood nature of lasting relationships. The course was not confrontational, not counselling but very powerful.” Millie O. – North Sydney

“Jürgen teaches some fantastic tips on successful relationships, while respecting the privacy & intimacy that the couples share. Well worth participating.” Kate C. – Terrey Hills

“It was really interesting and told with Jürgen’s life experiences. Many concepts and a lot tot think about with myself and with my partner.” – Lucas D. – Sydney

“Jürgen is somebody who has mastered how to make a loving and lasting relationship last. His love and passion for giving couples and their children the best loving experience is very moving for me. I learned many important tips to make a relationship work while keep my individuality alive.” – Yu Dan S. – Wollstonecraft

“Thanks very much Jürgen for the great session. The time flew by. If I’d realised that recognising my blind spots would be so enjoyable, I would have done this a long time ago! I loved that there was nothing too heavy, no judgement or navel gazing – just practical tips on improving our relationship. The program is filled with really simple, very do-able ideas – I started straight away, and it’s made a positive difference straight away. Thanks again for this great work you are doing – I hope many people, couples – and their kids – get to benefit from it.” – Brendan C. – North Ryde

“Jürgen offers valuable insight & excellent take away points without judgement or awkward questions. I feel I have learnt a huge amount about myself as well as how to make our relationship happy, healthy & lasting. Thank you!” – Ella K. – Manly

“Jürgen was great fun and we felt very at ease throughout. I found the session enjoyable and also enlightening. I now look forward to putting some of Jürgen’s experiences and concepts/methods into practice.” – Sam C. – Fairlight