Relationship Essentials

This online-course gives you

tips, tools and techniques

that you find essential for a

loving, intimate and respectful relationship that lasts.

Where are you in your relationship right now?
What is the impact for you?


Let me take you on a journey where you experience how loving, intimate and respectful relationships can really thrive in today’s hectic world.
You will learn about the three big “C”: Commitment, Connection and Communication and about all the other aspects of your relationship.


The ebook-download of my book “Why money is more important than sex”  is part of your package with this online relationship course.

The workshop provided fresh ideas & insights mixed with common sense & sensible analysis to help revive a relationship. Taking into account both male and female sentiments/points of view. Would recommend to any married couple.” Rob B., Sydney

Jürgen’s straight forward, open, honest and practical approach de-mystifies the often misunderstood nature of lasting relationships. The course was not confrontational, not counselling but very powerful.” – Millie O., CurlCurl

With this online-course you…

  • Stop the constant bickering with your partner
  • Regain the connection you’ve been missing
  • Banish stone walling
  • Create magic moments together
  • Learn to communicate and feel heard
  • Improve your level of intimacy and sex
  • Get back the commitment from both of you

Your relationship is worth working on.
You deserve to live in a loving, intimate and respectful relationship that lasts.

About Jürgen Schmechel, founder of Inspiring-Relationships.

As a keen observer of all things couples and human behaviour, it is no surprise that Jürgen Schmechel is fast becoming a household name as a Relationship Expert with a unique twist. His practical, no-nonsense approach to the stressors and common pitfalls in a partnership, has made him a favoured first port-of-call to many of those struggling to keep the passion and love, alive in their relationships.

With a background in business and mathematics, Jürgen seeks to apply the same methods of productivity, analysis and efficiency to his advice about marriage, separation, families and communication and his ethos has been well-received by hundreds of couples around the world.

But let’s be clear, this is not counselling. Jürgen believes in the importance of working ‘on’ a relationship at all times, not when it is on the brink of collapse and the divorce courts are imminent.  This is advice and practical ways to work on your relationship daily, to ensure a healthy and long-lasting relationship regardless of everyday challenges.

As a firm believer in looking forward in a relationship and working hard to build long lasting, respectful and fulfilling partnerships, Jürgen offers a safe haven for his audience to feel empowered with the tools we all need to become our best selves, which can then in turn, be utilised to create our best relationships.

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Jürgen is writing weekly blog-articles on his website
And he recently published a book on money and relationships: “Why Money Is More Important Than Sex” 

“I have just finished reading this book. It is beautifully designed and a very easy read, full of great tips on how to get the best out of your relationship. This would make a great gift for newly engaged or married couples so they can avoid all the things that lead to relationship breakdown.” Liz K., New Zealand

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and wished my husband was able to attend too. Some very simple yet often overlooked ideas and heeps of prompts and tips to improve and enhance a relationship. It was direct, honest and enlightening – left feeling uplifted, inspired and determined to do better!” Susie C., Frenches Forrest


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Looking forward to supporting you and working with you!

Best regards,
Jürgen Schmechel
Relationship Expert
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