Jürgen and Inspiring Relationship have been covered in the following media…


  Northern Beaches COVERED see page here 25th Sept. 2018
Podcast “BabyTalk” listen here 15th Sept. 2018
SBS German  listen here 24th Aug. 2018
Alan Stevens Campfire Project  listen here
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15th Aug. 2018
SBS German  listen here 15th June 2018
  MECE Muse unplugged listen here 9th June 2018
Health Media Now Radio 15th Feb. 2018postponed
Think outside the lines listen here 10th Mar. 2018
Daily Telegraph read the article 10th Feb. 2018
Manly Daily see page here 10th Feb. 2018
  Queens Stand Up listen here 21st Jan. 2018
SBS German listen here 15th Dec. 2017
George Wilder Jnr. 1st Dec. 2017
Magnet for Love 21st Nov. 2017
Let’s Face it  listen here 9th Nov. 2017
  The GymWits Podcast  listen here 2nd Nov. 2017
  Selling in a skirt  listen here 31st Oct. 2017
The Love Revolution 3rd Oct. 2017
  Communication Diva  listen here 4th Oct. 2017
  Podcast Carol Jürgensen  listen here
(from 14:30)
3rd Oct. 2017
  Carry On Harry  listen here 21st Sept. 2017
  Podcast Patience Online Success Journey  listen here 8th Sept. 2017
  Northern Beaches COVERED see page here 5th Sept. 2017
  No Sitting On The Sideline  listen here 1st Sept. 2017
  North Side Radio  listen here 31st Aug. 2017
  Northern Beaches Radio  listen here 6th Sept. 2017
  Podcast Maria and Rhonda  listen here 10th Oct. 2017
  WPFLRadio Lou Vickery’s morning show listen here live 16th Aug. 2017
SBS German listen here

listen here

rec. 16th May. 2017

rec. 6th Sept. 2017