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Why Money is more important than Sex

How to create and maintain a loving, intimate and respectful relationship

This book is for every person who wants to work on their relationship and learn more about how to maintain a loving, intimate and respectful relationship.

This book is also for people experiencing a rough patch and want to see a way out and get back on track, without needing to ‘air dirty laundry’.

And finally, this book is for single people who would like to know what caused their last relationship to fail. Or for singles who want to equip themselves with the tips and tricks that keep a relationship going.

We want relationships. We want closeness, trust, security and the certainty not to grow old alone.

We want to wake up loving our best-friend, partner and confidant more than we did the day before.

But in reality, more relationships than ever before are now ending prematurely because many have forgotten the fine art of making the other person feel special every single day.

This book gives you the insights into why people are separating and the huge influence that money has on your relationship.

You will find tips, techniques and tools that are needed for creating and maintaining lasting love.

Not sure whether this is the right gift for Valentine’s for your life partner and
yourself. You could try… 🙂

Please have a look at the table of contents here:

If you do not consciously take care of the things you cherish they decline in value.

You maintain your house, your car, your computer, your health, and your teeth because if you don’t, they lose their value.

If you do not look after your relationship it declines in value.

As you read this book, make some notes about the relationship you want. Then pass it on to your partner to read, ask him or her to make notes and, if you are able, make time to discuss your notes.

I know this tip might be challenging for you in case you find yourself in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. Still it could be a conversation started if this is the case. At some stage you would need to confront your partner anyway. Obviously, it is easier when you are in a good relationship where you can openly share ideas and goals.

You can order a signed copy from me now for only $34.99 (including shipping). https://www.inspiring-relationships.com.au/thebook/