Every day, I receive emails from distressed people wanting to discuss the difficulties in their relationships. And what is apparent to me is that the biggest fear is not their impending divorce…

Most people share that their biggest fear is their future separation from their children, only followed by the frustration over the inevitable split from half of their friends.

You know, not only the assets are getting split in half – friends do as well. I’m sure you know a divorced couple within your circle of friends? Then you’ll understand how nearly impossible it is to stay friends with both sides of the splitting couple.

And the third biggest fear from my observation is the influence a separation has on your cherished memories. Can you look at the pictures from your last holiday, now knowing that there already was another person in your partner’s mind? Or that they’d already checked out of your relationship? Or that they’d already lied about finances?

No, you can’t. You’ll most likely, and let me reassure you that you’re not alone here, feel like your once cherished memories are tainted forever.

It does not need to be that way.

A little road block does not need to lead to a standstill. As small crack does not need to become a chasm which can’t be bridged.

You are in control of your relationship.

You design your love, life and relationship.

It does not happen to you – you are in control.

You can reclaim your memories, your friendships and family life, but most importantly your relationship, so long as you have the right perspective.

Let me help you to get ahead in your relationship and understand the basic principles better.

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