How to build trust in a relationship?
That is a difficult one.

I see this time and time again the trust is deteriorating over time within a relationship.
And that’s one the things that makes the relationship so vulnerable.
How do you build trust?

You know you can’t buy trust you need to build it over time. How do you build trust?
It is a little bit like a bank account, you need to pay in.

And you are paying in by keeping promises.
So if you are volunteering to pick up the kids at 4:30pm tonight.
You need to make sure that you are there.

And if your partner I asking you to bring milk home, you make sure that you bring the milk.

So by these: keeping promises and trusting the other person you build trust over time.

So there is another component which I’ve just mentioned: You need to trust the other person first, because then you gain trust as well.
So my tip for today for your relationship is: keeping promises and paying into this emotional bank account and thereby building trust for your long lasting relationship.