Is intimacy the same as sex?

Look intimacy and sex is totally different.
Intimacy can be so personal and is a reflection of your relationship to each other.
Have you ever seen an old couple walking through the streets holding hands?
Or have you seen the intimate gesture of kissing your partner on the forehead?

Another example: imagine, she’s having a warm bath and you are sitting next to her, reading from your favourite book.

There are many instances where intimacy is so much more personal than sex.
Talking about your parents for instance – without being asked about it.

My tip for you today is: make a list – maybe 5 points – where you think this is a gesture of intimacy and then go ahead and compare this list with your partner and maybe find something out which helps you to build a lasting relationship, a lifelong relationship.

That’s my wish for you and my tip for you today, concentrate on intimacy.