Do you feel sometimes disconnected from your partner?

There is a very simple way of re-connecting with yourself and your partner

You see, being disconnected from your partner can happen very quickly in our so fast running world. He might be on a 3-day business conference hardly finding time to call home and she is spending her time with work and friends. When he is coming home, the flow is not there and each is silently blaming the other to be distant. Tension can arise very easily.

There is a simple way out, and that is to connect yourself first with nature. Ground yourself. Have a walk at the beach barefoot. Take a walk in the forest. Or simple sit still for 10 minutes in nature and do nothing. No FaceBook no phone call no nothing. Look into the horizon and feel your body healing.

Once you have re-connected yourself with yourself it is easy to open the arms and re-connect with your partner. Give her a hug, share the stories you’ve heard over the last couple of days and make sure that there is time for romance and intimacy too.

Participants of my workshop mentioned they’ve been surprised how important it is to daily working on the constant connection with your partner.

My tip for today:

Don’t let business and stress get in the way of you bonding and connecting with your partner.

Love to read your comments, of how you re-connect with your partner.

Thank you