Welcome to this website.

My name is Jürgen Schmechel. Not only does my name sound German, I was born in Hamburg in the northern part of Germany. I grew up in a middle class home in a middle class suburb in the outskirts of Hamburg. I have an older brother, and I was very close to my grandmother (father’s side) and my aunt (his sister), who both lived in the same house, but separate household.

I love numbers and everyone who knows me sees my strong logical, analytical and numerical abilities and for years I have used these skills to serve exceptional good workflow models and financial models to my clients in Germany and now in Australia. You can say that my left brain is very strong. But there is something else; I am a left handed person, writing with my right hand. This means that the right hemisphere of my brain is be strong too. And that is true, throughout all my life ideas, pictures, strategies and solutions are coming easily to me, because I’m visualising them.

In September 1991 I met my future wife and a year later we moved together and in May 1993 we got married. We have two sons, born in 1993 and 1995 – just 18 months apart. We are having a pretty normal unspectacular happy marriage and a great relationship to our sons. That’s how I always thought about our little family. Then suddenly friends pointed out to us, that we are somehow special, because we managed to keep the spark alive, we managed to stay together in a world around us where splitting up, divorce is becoming the norm.

And over time more and more friends where asking us, how do you do it? How do you make it last? So I gave away a few tips. Like the way we are celebrating our anniversary. Each year one of us is organising a surprise event or short trip for our anniversary. The other does not know a thing except the number of days she has to block out. And even after 24 years of marriage I can recount every one of these anniversaries and in the right order of what we did that year. Of course the role of organiser and the one being surprised is alternating each year.

In 2004 we moved with our little family to Sydney, Australia to see the world from a polar opposite viewpoint and to live in a nature rich environment with lovely people and great opportunities. Surprisingly the questions from friends and acquaintances here were the same: what do you do to make it last?

I was growing up in a protected household, school and nice neighbourhood where separation or divorce was hardly ever a topic. Yes there were kids in school which lived only with their mother, but that was the total exception. I remember so well that one of my best friends found out when we were 15 or 16 that he had two older half-siblings, because his father had been married before. You just would not talk about things like that back then.

The older I get, the more I see now the chaos and turmoil around me. Separation, frustration, divorces and traumatised children. In the last few years, fife of my friends here in Sydney all split up with their husbands or wives and needing to deal with the struggle of financial separation as well as the big question who’s taking care of the children and how.

And on the 9th January 2017 I had the epiphany.

  • What, if I have a message?
  • What, if I could actually help couples to stay together?
  • What, if I could safe a kids from going through the traumatising experience of losing their anchor, their fix-star in life?
  • What, if I would share my experiences and tips with the rest of the community to build long lasting relationships?
  • What, if I use my income from my business consultancy to finance this new business idea and make it work?

That moment How To Make it Last was born, which later became Inspiring Relationships.

This website is my message to you, with the hope that some of the things mentioned here are resonating with you and making sense to you.

I’d love to hear from you. Please connect with me on FaceBook and YouTube or write me an email at: jurgen@inspiring-relationships.com.au

All the best and to your success.


P.S.: Jürgen, was born 1960 in Hamburg, Germany as the second son to his parents. He lived, studied, worked and married in Hamburg –  to then be raising two sons himself. In 2004 his family moved to Australia to learn and live in a different culture. Jürgen is a keen observer of human psychology, he is a master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and a certified Results Coach.


The Australian registered company Essencion pty ltd [ABN: 17 110 230 209] is trading as Inspiring Relationships.