This is today’s tip for your Sunday.

You see a lot of couples don’t plan their week ahead and then Monday comes around and Tuesday comes around…and it’s all a surprise to the other one that he is having soccer training that night. Which is actually every Tuesday, but if you don’t put it in your calendar you kind of forget.

The way around and my tip for you today is:

Make a Sunday planning session. It could be just 15 minutes and just planning the next week ahead. Put her appointments in your calendar and of course put his appointments in your calendar as well.

So that you are not taken by surprise when on Wednesday morning she is going to her yoga.

“Oh, I totally forgot!” No, that won’t happen again because now you have it in your calendar.

And while you’re on it you can plan your quality time during the week and you can plan your romantic time as well. So make it a habit, once a week on a Sunday plan the week ahead.

This is all for today, have a great week ahead and don’t forget to plan.

Here’s to your success.