Rekindle your fire!

Your take-away from this free webinar/masterclass…

    • Rekindle the fire in your relationship and bedroom

      How to recreate the magic and passion after years together when the fire may have gone out or distinguished.
      We will talk about time, boundaries, closeness and distance as well as technology and respect. In my typical German way I talk very direct and won’t fluff around.

    • Falling in Love again after divorce or break-up

      The often times overlooked dangers in starting a new serious relationship later in life.
      A lot of the pieces are already set and you have to deal with a way more complex situation as in your first marriage.

    • Time for your relationship questions

      You have the chance to ask Jürgen your daring question about relationships in general or your personal situation.
      The webinar is fun, free and very private.
      No one else will see your comments and questions.