Remember you are two individuals each with their own agenda, history and peculiarities. Accept those of your partner – period.

I reckon we would be a much better society if we would be a bit more tolerant towards the other person. It is their upbringing, their belief system, their value – so be it.

And the same holds true in your relationship. Just because you are married or defacto does not give you the right to educate the other person or to change your partner. Be tolerant and open to learn.

ou see it is often times the quirkiness you love about your partner that over the years might turn into a hot spot because you’ve lost your tolerance.

Let’s say whenever she is taking a stroll with you she is stopping at the most amazing flowers and takes a picture with her phone. You love it, she is so special and peculiar in this.

A few years down the track you find this behaviour not so cute any more – it totally annoys you. For you it feels like your now wife is taking pictures of nearly every flower you are passing.

And eventually you can’t stand it anymore and you refuse to take a walk with her. It does not need to come to this.

My tip: remember that you are different and that it is these differences that make you so attractive to each other. Be tolerant, keep that attitude and cherish the differences.