I understand that it is not easy to define the right time when to work on your relationship. Everything seems to be fine, so why even think about it?

We go to the doctor when we are in pain, not when we are fit like a spring chicken.

We go to the garage with our car when something does not sound right, or a red light is on the dashboard.

And we call the plumber when there is a leaking tap or low water pressure.

Let’s put it this way…

Would you rather learn to swim in a calm rock pool or in crushing waves?
Would you rather learn to sail while the weather is fine or when a storm is building?
Would you rather explore the beauty of a place in sunshine or in rain or hail?

I understand that we all think we have bigger fish to fry.

The mortgage is a constant threat in the back of our minds. The kids are constantly fighting and we need to keep them calm. The job is demanding and the daily commute is a drain. We can’t keep up with all our friends and relatives and we hardly have any time for ourselves to regenerate and recharge.

Where on earth do you find the time (and the energy) to work on your relationship?

Actually, we should be looking at this the other way around. Once your relationship is happy, relaxed and energising, everything else seems to feel like it’s going smoothly as well. The kids are fighting less, because they see and feel the happiness within you and want to be part of it. The mortgage is still threatening, but now you are a team and can manage it together. Your relationship becomes the source for your strength to stay calm in your job and positive while commuting. And because your relationship is working, you find enough time for yourself to recharge.

Your relationship is the hub of the spinning wheel of your life.

The other day a couple approached me to engage in 1on1 coaching. They were having a tough time. So we exchanged some emails and two weeks later they got back to me saying ~ “The situation has improved, we are fine for now.

I support you to create and maintain a loving, intimate and respectful relationship. I want to save marriages all around the world. Actually, I set myself the goal to save 1,000,000 marriages with my Inspiring Relationships process and products.

I can’t fix a broken relationship.

When the trust is gone, when the passion has vanished, when the excitement has left and the communication is stalling; it is already too late.

When the proverbial mess hits the fan, I don’t have the magic pill to make it all smooth again.

In my LoveCycle ™ I can help you as long as you are hopeful and keen to avoid the Fighting phase. Once you are struggling in your relationship, it is too late for me to intervene.

One of the first things I ask people or couples wanting to work with me personally is “How far out of the door are you already? In other words how fed up are you? Or even more direct: “Do you think your relationship can be saved?”

When the responses are “I’m already 6/10 gone.” or “No, I really doubt that this can be rescued.” You have the answer right in front of your eyes.

I don’t have a magic wand like Harry Potter.

I’ve seen too many cases where both partners avoided paying attention to the state of their relationship for too long. They let it slide and things have gone from bad to worse without acting – and then it is too late.

Just the other day I met a nice young man online and were chatting and he then said “Jurgen, I could have used your services 2 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of trouble, pain, tears and money. We just signed the paperwork a few weeks ago. I’m single again.”

It does not need to be that way.

There are over 50 proven tips and techniques you can apply in your relationship right now and thereby turn it to a happy and supportive one. The question to you is, when do you want to start to learn about them?

I’ll leave you with a final thought ~ when it comes to your health, would you rather take a vitamin or an antibiotic?

My purpose is to provide you with the vitamin for your relationship.

To ask for your doses, please contact me and organise a free initial phone call.