The Method

Your Relationship Guidance

Relationship Guidance” is your personalised support program to help you to improve your relationships significantly.

Simpy by being here, you are indicating a strong desire to find help in a tricky relationship situation.

Maybe the connection is missing to your partner?
Maybe you feel like genuine conversation has been replaced with constant bickering and nagging?
Perhaps you feel you are stuck, at a cross roads, or not sure how to progress and move forward?

Do not worry. You are certainly not alone.
Relationships can be challenging.

Your Relationship Guidance sessions with me will offer you the time you need to reassess and re-adjust. You’ll be given the opportunity to find a new relationship perspective and gain some clarity about yourself, your goals and your partner.

Using new methodologies and visualisation practices, allow me to guide you through the steps and practices required to finally achieve the relationship you desire and deserve.
Thank you being here, and thank you for your trust and commitment.

The way ahead is neither easy nor simple.
There will be holes in the ground to avoid.
There will be scary moments and there will be moving and touching moments.
I am there to help you and provide the safety you require.

I applaud and admire you for taking action.

In working together, I can guarantee you that you will look at your relationship from a totally different perspective.

To start your Relationship Guidance with me please book yourself in for an initial 25-minute phone call using this link:

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you as your new Relationship Expert and Guide.

In the meantime, have a top day.

Jürgen Schmechel
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PLEASE NOTE: This call is only for people who are married or living together in a long-term committed relationship, who still love each other and are truly committed to take action. I understand that your partner might not want to speak to somebody like myself, still we need you both on this call. In case your partner has left the relationship already and has clearly indicated to not coming back, then this call is not for you. Sorry!

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