Spring Time, the ideal time to re-kindle your love

We all feel it in our veins. The sun is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the breeze is milder. Spring is coming.

This is the ideal time to re-connect with your partner and enjoy each other’s company.

Open the windows and doors and let the sun in. Time for a fresh start.

But what do you do if, over the last few months, you’ve felt that your partner has drifted away from you more and more? What do you do when intimacy and sex seems to have disappeared? What is the answer when there is hardly any common ground?

You still live together but it feels like you are flatmates. Living like sister and brother. Sharing a household but not much else.

To break through the downward spiral, one of you must be brave enough to take the first step. As you are reading these lines, I am talking to you. You need to take the first step … and then the next and the next.

Please reflect on this one question first and get clear within yourself…

Do you want to continue a loving, intimate and respectful relationship with your partner?

If you do, then please pick up your phone right now and send a loving, heartfelt and sparkling SMS to your partner. And wait for the reaction.

Next, I invite you to create an active appointment with your partner within the next 5 days. Go out together, leave your phone at home, and go for a walk or a light dinner somewhere nice. Make sure to spend at least 2 hours together, outside of your home.

You might find that this little active appointment will lead to deep conversations and renewed feelings for each other. There is one condition though – during these 2 hours you are not allowed to ask any questions. Give it try and you will see that your relationship will awake from hibernation.

It is spring time! Enjoy!

And if you are still unsure about the state of your relationship right now, why not take the Relationship Performance Indicator test.