At which point do you realise that your relationship has no future?

This very question came up during my last workshop.

So, when do you call it quits? When do you realise that your relationship has no future?

And I’m referring here to a model which shows a triangle out of Quality Time [QT], Talking and Sex – or intimacy for that matter.

If one of these three is permanently missing in your relationship, then your relationship is obviously doomed and can’t be sustained.

I say it again: intimacy, quality time and talking are the three cornerstones of a loving, intimate relationship. And if one of these three is missing on a permanent basis, then obviously you need to consider that your relationship has no future.

But here is a very fine line. Inspiring Relationships is not about counselling. Often times a relationship can be sustained by working on it – seeing a counsellor. But I am not a counsellor and I don’t want to do counselling.

In my workshops I’m offering a safe space, it’s non-judgemental and there is no counselling involved. If you feel that you need counselling, please refer to a counsellor. But if you want to deepen your relationship, if you want to have a toolbox you can refer to in your relationship, then Inspiring Relationship and my tips and workshops are the right way to see what else is out there in your relationship.

Thanks very much, that’s all for today.

My tip: work on all these three areas. Spending quality time, lots of talking and of course intimacy and sex in your relationship.

All the best – and as always, please comment about your experiences and see you next time.

Thank you very much.