If my relationship workshops can save 200 children a year from the traumatic events of separation and divorce of their parents – my mission is fulfilled.

My strong belief is that we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers but we are only custodians of the land to leave it to our children. Our children are the most precious we all have. At the same time they are the most vulnerable.

Each time a marriage or relationship breaks down the children are the biggest sufferers.

The now ex-lovers have their peers, their work and maybe even their new lovers to hold them, distract them and guide them. But for the children the floor is opening underneath their feet. The ones they’d been always able to turn to – their parents – are suddenly no fix point anymore. The reliable anchor is gone. Unconditional love is turning into split interests, divided time and uncontrollable turmoil for the kid.

My goal with How To Make It Last is to prevent this from happening. I want to inspire and teach couples, parents and singles to live a lasting relationship. And my mission is to save at least 100 marriages a year in Australia alone.

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Together we can do this.
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