Sex and erotic are integral parts in any loving relationship. And for some they are even the most important parts. But there is an even more important subject for building a long lasting relationship and that is money and your relationship to money.

You see, sex is constantly changing over time. The infectious first weeks and months of dating won’t last. Pregnancy, stress and multiple other factors will always influence your sex-drive and your level of satisfaction.

Your way of dealing with your money is more or less a constant though.

For instance if one of you is a very frugal person and the other one loves to spend money left, right and centre you have a problem and you will have ongoing friction between the two of you.

If only one of you is earning money, because the other one has no job or is looking after the kids at home you need to find a mutual beneficial way how you deal with the money at hand. It is absolutely crucial to your relationship and wellbeing.

My tip: Make sure to talk about money with your partner and find out more about their feelings towards money.