Loving Connection

Transforming your Relationship to
New Commitment and Happiness.

All Relationships are going through phases.

They are changing all the time.

To think that your relationship is fine as it is and does not need attention, is a dangerous thought.
Because the moment you stop working on becoming better you stop to be good.

In fact, if you look at the level of connection you have with your spouse it is constantly changing.
There are days or weeks where you feel more and more connected and you could embrace the whole world.

And then there are those days where you are moving apart ever so slightly and you can’t even put the finger on it – why!

Don’t be disheartened these changes from moving closer to moving more apart are very normal in every relationship.

When you look at the LoveCycle on this page you can probably pinpoint at where you are right now in your relationship.

If you are in Routine, Boredom or Stopped Talking then this  “Loving Connection” – program is perfect for you.

What does it actually cost you to live in a unhealthy relationship?

It costs you your heart, your love, your emotions and your tears.
And it costs you time, energy and money – yes money!
It actually drains your batteries instead of refuelling them.

The ultimate cost is your unhappiness and being disconnected over weeks, months and potentially years of misery.

You deserve better!

  • Stop the constant bickering with your partner
  • Regain the connection you’ve shared in the beginning of your relationship
  • No more stone walling
  • Create magic moments together
  • Bridge the growing distance to your partner
  • Feeling deeply understood and listen too

You don’t want to grow old alone and split your assets and your friends in half.
This relationship of yours is worth working on.

A lasting and lifelong relationship is possible and you can grow old together in happiness.
You deserve to be living in a loving, intimate and respectful relationship.

Your investment is normally $285

My End of Year special offer to you is 66% off

You pay only $97 for this transformational package

Here’s what you get:
• Relationship Performance Index [RPI] – at the start and at the end
• Intensive coaching (8x Video) – you learn at your own pace at your own place
• Weekly Assignments – increasing the learning
• Live webinar for Q&A – to ask personal questions, anonymously


Please pay here for your Transformational Program – in full $97 (incl. GST).


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Thank you for allowing me to working with you!

Best regards,
Jürgen Schmechel
Relationship Expert
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