Today I want to talk about the situation which changes in your relationship with the first baby.

It’s an unbelievable moment when your first child is born and to this day I remember how I felt coming home from the hospital thinking: life will never be the same!
And so it was, so it is and it’s great joy.

Still, with a lot of relationships I see trouble ahead when the first baby is born, because suddenly there is a bundle of joy sleeping in the middle of the bed. And – I don’t know about you – but romance, intimacy and sex with a baby in your bed that just doesn’t work.

We have these sleepless nights and everyone tries to find their new way in life and also in their relationship. So often times the baby, the first baby, is like dynamite in your relationship, because you are not talking about this.

With your first baby everything is revolving around your baby you try to find your way in your relationship and in life and dealing with the new situation and dealing with the baby often times your relationship with your partner takes the short straw so to speak.

So my tip for you today is: keep talking and discuss the situation.

Either you already have children then you can talk about this. Or if you plan to have children maybe discuss beforehand: How do you want to handle this? Where does the baby sleep? Who is responsible for what? By talking about this and planning for it you could avoid these traps and enjoying having a baby.
And still enjoying a happy and respectful and lasting relationship with your partner.