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There is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to relationships.


Webinar – “Rekindle your fire”

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Next live webinar on Tuesday 9th October – 7:15pm – Sydney time


8-week-online course

Learn and improve your relationship at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.

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The Method

One on one mentoring with you as a couple.

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If you want to have an interesting and exciting topic for your next conference,
you can choose between three different keynotes.
Each between 15 minutes and 30 minutes depending on your time-frame and briefing:

1.) Why Money is more important than sex
(the importance of understanding your money believes for a lasting relationship)

2.) A broken heart does not perform
(the importance of looking after the individual relationships within your organisation)

3.) The three pillars of an inspiring relationship
(the importance of active appointments and financial investment into your relationship)


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From time to time I am running my very popular live-workshops in different parts of the country.

These inspiring workshops are for all who want to improve their relationship.

You learn more about yourselves and your partner or you finally know what to look out for in your next relationship.

In these workshops you’ll discover…
a) Why relationships are way more complex than you think…
b) What are the three pillars of a loving and lasting relationship…
c) Why money is more important than sex in your relationship…
d) How to avoid boredom and routine in your relationship…
e) Why you need to financially invest in your relationship…
f) How you can stay lovers when you have children…
g) Why women are reacting different from men in relationships…

…and more.

You are walking away with new tools, tips and techniques you can implement straight away.

The content is equally relevant for singles who want to avoid making the same mistakes as in their last relationship.


Relationship Canvas

Have you ever set with your partner and together designed your ideal relationship?

Most couples never take the time to do that.

My relationship canvas is based on my unique and German approach for solving problems.



Forthcoming Book

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