Words are very powerful.

Some people say words are more powerful than any other weapon.

And the most powerful words we speak are the words we talk to ourselves.

The constant chatter we have in our brain determines our destiny.

So my question to you is: how do you talk about your relationship?

How do you talk about it in your own mind?

How do you speak about it to your friends & family, colleagues and acquaintances?

“Oh my relationship is not good, how could I possibly talk about it in a positive way” I hear you say.

Well, here’s my challenge for you:
For one week (7 days) I want you to only focus on the positive things in your relationship.
You fell in love with this person, there must be something in your relationship that is good. Focus on those aspects.

For the next seven days just focus on those positive aspects of your relationship and your partner and (most important) write them down.

You will find, that by doing this exercise your relationship will improve.
To the point that your partner will take notice and might even ask you what has changed.

In life we tend to get what we focus on.

And your self-talk is a great way of measuring your current focus.

Shift your focus and you shift your life!

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