Conversation on Purpose with Justin Cooper.

Today’s topic: “Does Love Expand?”

Justin: “My question to you is: You are in a loving relationship. 100% you and your partner. And along comes this little bundle of joy. Does your love expand, so that there is more love to go around? Or is the “pie” still the same size and you need to take a portion of the love you have for your partner and allocate it to the new member of the family?”

Jürgen: “Our ability to love is limitless! The love we can give and can experience is infinite. I think, the love is always expanding. BUT: Time doesn’t expand. What we share with our spouse is a lot of time… until the first baby comes along. Suddenly this new person in our lives demands time of us…”

Justin: “So the topic for today’s conversation should be: ‘How do you manage that demand on your time and how do you keep things fresh with your partner?’”

Jürgen: “I remember the day our first son was born so well. Looking into the dark sky over Hamburg, Germany I thought to myself: ‘Life will never be the same’”

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Justin Cooper