Why does he not change?

Get your connection back – get him to commit newly…


If you are a woman and in your relationship for more than ten years, chances are that you have lost the connection with your spouse.
You stopped talking and you constantly argue over sex, money and children. It feels like hard work.

Each day I am readying the seemingly desperate appeals from women just like you:

  • When will I know if he is over me?
  • Why are they so much hard work?
  • Why does my husband always lie to me?
  • How do I rebuild trust?
  • How to keep it magic?
  • How do I get my partner to be emotionally available?
  • How to bring sex, or better orgasms back?
  • How to get him interested?

Fact is, you can’t change him – it’s only up to your partner really to change himself.
But you can change your relationship, you can change the course of your life right now.

These are the results from over 400 women filling in my relationship performance quiz…
The majority is in a functioning relationship where boredom and dissatisfaction is the norm.
Where do you see yourself?

You fear that eventually it all will turn cold and you end up all by yourself.
The kids are out of the house and your husband of 18+ years ran away with a new one…

It does not need to end like this!

I can help you to better understand the man at your side and change your relationship to the better.

The online coaching package that I’ve created for you will help you.

It is a six week online course which gives you the insights and tools to get your connection back and him to commit newly.

You still have time to turn the tide.
And you can have it all:
The loving, intimate and respectful relationship with your current partner.

All it needs is a bit of change and understanding.

“Jürgen has managed to condense the major hurdles in relationships with tools to overcome them in a very simple easy-to-follow way.”
Judy B.

In these six weeks we are talking about:

  • Change – why your change in behaviour will change your relationship
  • Boundaries – personal and at home
  • Quality Time and Talking – and why these two are crutial for your success
  • Money and Sex – and why Money is actually more important than sex
  • Growth and Love – and why personal growth is important for your love
  • Maintenance – how to maintain a loving, intimate and respectful relationship over the years to come

As a free Bonus I am conducting a personal 1:1 30-minute coaching session with you at the end of the course.
We will focus on your personal circumstances and how you can apply all the learning immediately.

Now is the time to take matters in your own hands. Because no one else will.

You are in control of your life.

You are in control of your relationship.

“Thank you very much Jürgen for giving me hope that I am heading in the right direction, hopefully it will help both of us. Danke schön!”
Christine J.

You can turn the tide and get the connection with your partner back.

And finally he is going to be newly committed!

Click on the ‘Book me in’ – button below now and change your relationship to the better.

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“Jürgen’s straight forward, open, honest and practical approach de-mystifies the often misunderstood nature of lasting relationships. The course was not confrontational, not counselling but very powerful.”
Millie O.

Thank you for allowing me to working with you!

Best regards,
Jürgen Schmechel
Relationship Expert
Author | Speaker | Mentor