Does your partner have the right to change you?

Today I want to talk about the right to change someone else.

Look, in every relationship there is the situation where someone is saying:
“I just hate the way you do this!” or “Can’t you just stopping doing this and that?!!”

Is this actually the right way to treat your partner?

Do you actually expect them to change?

You know, you are not his mother…you are not her father.
Being able to educate and being able to change

Truth being told: you can only change yourself.

So if you constantly nag on your partner, trying to change him or her, that doesn’t help.
Accept the person. Remember that it were the differences which brought you together and which attracted you to each other.

To make the other person a mirror image of yourself would stop the spark to be alive.

My tip for you today is: stop trying to change the other person. Change yourself!

Or change your perspective – with that you might even change or invoke change within the other person.

You want a long relationship, you want a life-long relationship with your partner

So accept how he is, how she is and live with it.

Stop trying to change someone else, you can only change yourself!