Inspiring Relationships is addressing modern relationship issues especially for men between 30 and 35.

Your life has just changed. Your first or second child might have just arrived. Or you finally live together with your wife or girlfriend.
And now you realise: “something is missing.”

I know it is hard for you to put your finger on it.
And when you look at it, it might just be that you are talking less to your spouse.
Or the time you spend together is more structured by routine than romance.
And sometimes it is just simply the fact that you have less frequently time for intimacy and sex.

Nothing of the above is dramatic and you feel it more in your bones than that you see the effects.
Do you want to do something about it, or do you want to wait?

Our mission is to each year inspire thousands of men to stay in loving relationships,
which has a ripple on effect on their children and the world.

Please go through the list below and tick the boxes which apply to you:

  • You have the feeling that something is missing
  • You see that you spend not enough quality time together
  • You sense that there is not enough talking in your relationship
  • The frequency of sex & intimacy has significantly diminished over time
  • You have a frequent sense of sadness
  • You feel there is a lack of respect for each other
  • There is not enough trust in your relationship
  • Your communication has become superficial
  • You feel unheard
  • You feel misunderstood
  • Your first (or second) child is born and everything is surprisingly different
  • She is nagging constantly
  • Somehow you both seem to be too busy for real connecting
  • At least one of you has an active addiction
  • You know or you sense that your partner has an affair

This is exactly where we can support you.
With that in mind, please give me a call to discuss how we can help you to living an Inspiring, Loving Relationship…